Monday, August 9, 2010

I asked Anri to join me tonight for a night stroll... yeah walking. I can't jog anymore. I have no respiratory strength to do that just yet. I wanna get back in shape. Once my body is used to being in tone again. I'm planning to take up dance again. Yes watching Step Up 3D on YouTube has taken a big toll on me. I love to dance. I bet we all know someone who wants and/or can dance. But since we're all growing up, we've given up the effort to make time to enjoy this passion.

I wanna be able to do moves again. My first target right now is to stretch again. Then re-learn to do the spilts. Then the Cartwheels. And then the dance itself. Taking it one at a time though. With work and stuff. I need some rest right ? :))

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